Welcome to ThinkKatrina!

I’m so excited to finally get this blog going.  It will evolve over time, but I did not want to keep putting off providing information, being a resource and offering my coaching to those who have been asking for recipes, books, guidance, etc. any longer.  To those who have supported and patiently waited, Thank You!  Here we go

So many people have asked me why I decided on “ThinkKatrina” as my domain.  It popped in my head one day, as we know I spend a lot of time in my head, haha.  I realized I enjoy being a resource for others as people often come to me for guidance in numerous areas; not just as a real estate agent or health coach, but also as a mom, a chef, a foodie, a techie, a San Francisco native who loves to explore The Bay, among other things, that it was time I embrace the idea that people think of me.

Also, I also discovered that a common thread in each service I provide as well as my own personal growth is understanding that our mindset effects every aspect of our lives and if we learn to shift our mindsets by thinking differently, we can cultivate the lives we truly want from  creating healthier lifestyles, to becoming homeowners, thus achieving the goals we set for ourselves.

I’m looking forward to building this platform and growing this community with each and every one of you!

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