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A Force of Nature who's a Catalyst for Change

Perhaps it was coincidence, but Katrina Maria Carter believes it was more like destiny that she shares the names of not only one but two category five hurricanes. However, as opposed to causing devastation and destruction, this force of nature has been a catalyst for change in the lives of hundreds of individuals looking to create a better lifestyle for themselves.  As an author/ speaker/ nutritional chef/ certified personal trainer and top notch real estate agent, Katrina believes your body is the first home you live in and ownership equals accountability. Katrina helps clients declutter those closets of excuses and plants holistic solutions for implementing change that leads to whatever you want in life, physically, emotionally and financially.  Katrina’s clients learn a healthy lifestyle begins at home.

Katrina began her career in real estate in 2001 as buyer's agent for a growing real estate team.  She quickly set herself apart as an agent who could help individuals realize their dreams of becoming homeowner's by listening to client's challenges and finding solutions to overcome common barriers to buying and selling property. Her own experiences as a child growing up in a stable environment and then having it torn apart made Katrina a champion of cause to help people create security in life and she became passionate about successfully helping those who had previously been told there were no possibilities how to find practical solutions to overcoming obstacles, many of which she had learned from her own journey.

The economic downturn in 2008, was the next major life restructuring that the driven Real Estate Agent had to endure. With the market upheaval, she was lead into the fitness with industry where she became a manager for 24 Hour Fitness. There she was exposed to the challenges of everyday people like herself who struggled with weight yo-yoing and depression.  She immediately began to understand the issues inherent in an overworked society, struggling through commutes, tepid family relationships and burgeoning responsibilities. She began sharing her personal struggles and remedies on social media and quickly surmounted a following where her followers collectively adapted useful tips, education and inspiration to live more simply and make better nutritional and fitness choices in an environment that allowed everyone, herself included to remain accountable for making the necessary life changes needed to create a better quality of life in a natural, positive and healthy transformative manner.

Doors began to open for Carter and in addition to her successful career as a real estate agent she earned her wellness coaching certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and became a professional meal prep chef creating practical holistic meal plans that coincide with her plant based clean eating mantra. Her goal of helping people live whole, fit and well lives has manifested itself into a highly successful career in health and wellness showing people how taking control of their lives by making changes as simple as watching what you eat can set you on a path to health, wealth and creating the life you want, including homeownership.

Katrina’s client list includes everyday people who just want more out of life and celebrities who want to maintain their luxury lifestyles.   Kevon Looney (GS Warriors) Ivan Rabb (Memphis Grizzlies) Jabari Bird (Boston Celtics) Hardy Nickerson Jr. (Cincinnati Bengals) and Sterling James (Air personality KBLX) are only a few of the satisfied customers of Katrina Carter’s holistic plant-based meal plans and this is only the beginning of her mission to get everyone on the living whole, fit and well lives.

Katrina travels the country speaking on health and wellness and will be releasing her book “Time 2 Eat Clean- Meal Prep Simplified” fourth quarter 2018, followed by a book tour with dates and locations to be announced.  Katrina’s work has been featured on Bravo and she is currently a top performing realtor at Catalyst Real Estate where she provokes significant change in the lives of others.